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Did Taylor Swift Stay at Backland?

A Backland luxury glamping tent under a night sky bright with stars.

Everyone has been saying Backland would be the perfect place for Taylor Swift to stay with her BF, and we mean that in the way that Trump means it when he says "everyone has been saying". . . And no, sadly, she hasn't come . . . yet. But seriously: How do celebrities travel? Would Backland actually be a good vacation destination for A-listers like Taylor? Let's dive in and find out.

What Do Celebrities Look for on Vacation?


We would imagine that first and foremost they are looking for somewhere safe, secure, and private. LuxLife Magazine says when celebs think about safety on vacation they are (or at least should be) thinking about the following things:


  1. Traveling with a protection service, including bodyguards and armored transport.

  2. Staying in 5-star accommodations that typically already have significant security measures in place.

  3. Avoiding public appearances and keeping a low profile.

  4. Accessibility for private air and ground transportation.

  5. Being careful on social media, particularly not broadcasting their real-time location.

Based on these criteria, Backland may or may not cut the mustard for A-listers. On the one hand, we are in a very secluded and private location on 160 acres of private property that is 2 miles from the nearest private property. We also have plenty of space for a helicopter to land. So, theoretically, a celebrity like Taylor could fly in on a helicopter and reserve the entire camp, using some of the tents for her security/support staff and her traveling companions. On the other hand, we are surrounded by a national forest which is open to the public. While we do have staff on site 24/7 we do not have security patrolling the borders. If Taylor came, she would definitely want to make sure the public was unaware of her plans. We wouldn't want the surrounding national forest to get overrun with fans camping out hoping to catch a glimpse!

An idyllic pond and meadow scene with pine forest in the background and blue sky and white clouds above.
Backland Property

5+ Star Luxury

Some A-list celebrities are used to spending VERY large sums of money on vacations. Prices in the $2500/night range are common, and even prices ten times that at $25,000 per night are not unheard of. At those price points they often have staff running circles around them and private Michelin Star chefs preparing their meals.


With seemingly unlimited budgets, celebrity vacations often make headlines. Rihanna purportedly spent $300,000 on a vacation in France that included sailing a yacht around the Mediterranean. We also read Ellen DeGeneres spent $135,000 on a trip to Portofino Italy, staying in the Excelsior Palace Hotel whose Presidential Suite goes for $9,000 per night.


Let’s face it: Backland is NOT that. While we do provide a premium camping experience, we don't compete in opulence or level of service with the types of places charging thousands of dollars a night. If this is a particular celeb's main criterion, we may not be their destination of choice. That being said, even A-listers are interested in seeing natural wonders like the Grand Canyon, and Backland is one of the highest rated and (in our humble opinion) best lodging options near the canyon.

Interior of a Backland luxury glamping tent with bed and other modern furniture.
Tent Suite Interior

We do provide a number of amenities, and no one goes hungry. Our glass-walled restaurant offers great lunch and breakfast options and features made-from-scratch gourmet dinners every night that are beautifully and thoughtfully prepared with local and seasonal ingredients, even without that Michelin Star.

A table set with dinner at a nice restaurant.
Dinner at Backland

We’re also pet friendly, so the famous trio of Swift felines and any of their furry pals are welcome to join the guest list if that’s a priority.

Unique Experiences

Here is where Backland might score some points for a celebrity vacation. Glamping in and of itself is a unique experience that A-list travelers might find appealing outside of dabbling in the practice at Coachella.


Many celebrities head to nature to refresh, rebalance, and reconnect with something organic and bigger than themselves. Matthew McConaughey, Justin Bieber, John Madden, Eva Longoria, Dolly Parton, and Oprah Winfrey are a few of many superstars who have expressed a love for the outdoors.


A line of Backland luxury glamping tents surrounded by green grass and blue sky.
Backland Tents

Roughing it traditional camping might not be the first choice for A-listers. Glamping, on the other hand, provides the benefits of camping without actually making you rough it. And in the same way that places like Blackberry Farm and Amangiri (two of Taylor’s go-to lodgings while on tour) collaborate with their gorgeous natural surroundings, Backland blends luxury temperature-controlled tent accommodations with an unforgettable Northern Arizona immersion experience.


Aerial view of Horseshoe Bend
Horseshoe Bend

In addition to the Grand Canyon, Backland is near some of the biggest bucket list destinations in Arizona including Sedona and the San Francisco Peaks. We can hook you up with private guided tours of the Grand Canyon, Horseshoe Bend, and Antelope Canyon—private being the operative word for a celeb trying to keep their visit on the down-low. If they have a thing for national and state parks, we have plenty nearby to choose from. And outdoor recreation is a way of life here in Northern Arizona, so if they want to try yoga near a vortex, hit the slopes, or hike to a variety of beautiful destinations, they would find plenty of unique things to do in addition to the laid-back fun on our property.

The San Francisco Peaks with snow and fall foliage in Flagstaff, AZ.
The San Francisco Peaks in Flagstaff, AZ

It’s also worth noting that we sit at an elevation of around 6,800 feet, and nearby Flagstaff (7,000+ feet) has long been known as a high altitude training destination. For world-class athletes or performers seeking to improve their endurance, recreating in Northern Arizona is where it’s at.

Night Life

According to World Population Review, it is estimated that somewhere around 3.1 million people visit Ibiza, Spain per year. It is quickly becoming known as the Party Capital of the world and the center of the EDM industry, and many celebrities frequent it for its famous night clubs and music scene.


If night life is the draw, we are obviously not a hotspot for the party crowd. A night at Backland does not boast up-and-coming DJs but rather s’mores around the fire pit. We do, however, have some of the darkest skies and brightest stars you’ll ever witness. Because the surrounding areas are designated Dark Sky communities, their lighting policies and practices ensure viewing of an unfettered night sky.


A SkyView window view of the stars from inside a Backland luxury glamping tent.
Backland Suite with SkyView Window

If a celebrity was looking for a little more action, nearby Williams and Flagstaff (30 and 45 minutes away, respectively) have great downtown scenes and local shopping, bars, and live entertainment, but on the smaller-town scale and without the security they would likely require. An A-lister would need to drive a few hours (or fly, if they fancy) to Phoenix and its surrounding areas for notable clubs and evening entertainment.


Celebrities are often creative types seeking retreats that will inspire, refresh, spark creativity and encourage productivity. While we’re not exactly an exotic destination, a getaway to the woods could be a great catalyst for achieving flow and writing a new hit song or book, practicing lines and getting into character without distractions, or resting and training for the next big game. We’ve never tested the acoustics, but if Johnny Cash could record in a prison and Tom Waites in a converted chicken coop, far be it from us to rule out a glamping tent.


The exterior of a Backland luxury glamping tent.
Backland Tent Exterior and Patio

No doubt many stars vacation to ease the breakneck speed at which they typically operate as well as the demands of a public scrutinizing their every move. If Taylor wanted an ultimate pampering retreat to reset after tour, we’re probably not the place—our tented forest spa does not offer a smorgasbord of cutting-edge treatments and the latest in glamorous facials and baths (we’re fresh out of snail goo). But we do offer relaxing massages for individuals and couples in addition to the obvious health benefits that nature provides for the mind, body and soul.

Eco-conscious Travel

Advocacy is important to many famous people because they know that their celebrity status can bring awareness to hot-button issues; their passion can influence the masses and their financial support can contribute to action and change.


Leonardo DiCaprio, Jane Fonda, Ian Somerhalder, Shailene Woodley, Brad Pitt, and Rosario Dawson are just a handful of many celebs who use their fame and fortune to fight for the future of our planet. More and more, this is becoming a priority for A-listers, and when you care about the environment as much as they do, their travel accommodations and practices are likely going to reflect that passion.

Meadow and marshland with purple sky and clouds reflecting in the water.
Backland Property

As an eco resort, Backland is 100% committed to honoring the natural world. We limit our footprint through sustainability initiatives such as energy efficient tents, low flow efficient water fixtures, eco-friendly toiletries and water conservation efforts throughout our operations. And through positive impact initiatives from composting to pollinator gardens, we have existing features and future projects to help our land reach its full potential. So in addition to enjoying a unique glamping experience, we can say that our guests can feel good about the statement they are making with their chosen accommodations, whether or not it’s a public one.


Is Backland the Perfect Destination for Celebs like Taylor Swift?

Maybe, maybe not. If it’s unique and eco-friendly accommodations, quiet comfort, unplugged downtime with loved ones, and outdoor recreation they seek, celebrities could potentially find respite here—with some creativity and planning. If, however, it’s high security, exotic luxury, nightlife, and entertainment they’re after, Backland isn't likely to be their scene.


Calm water and a beach with kayak, dock and lounge chairs at sunset.
Backland Beach and Restaurant

If Taylor Swift or any other A-listers decided to visit us, we would certainly welcome them. Enthusiastically. But celebrity or not, we would be honored to have you join us here in the pines. 


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