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about backland

Backland is a luxury eco resort that gives guests an immersive and transformative experience in nature while striving to significantly improve wildlife habitats and the ecology of the land. 

We believe that sharing meaningful experiences in nature invigorates the soul, brings us closer to the people we care about and fosters greater environmental consciousness.

We believe we can improve the environment through what we do. Rather than merely focusing on 'low impact', we strive to have real positive impact.


We believe that every person matters. Everyone deserves respect, caring and love.

Our hope is to create outdoor lodging experiences where people and nature benefit from each other. Ecologist Douglas Tallamy, author of Nature's Best Hope, says that knowledge generates interest, interest generates compassion and compassion generates action. We believe that giving people the opportunity to immerse in the natural world in comfortable ways provides an excellent first step along this pathway to action. We also believe that giving people the chance to unplug and spend meaningful time outside with the people they care about is incredibly beneficial to the soul. So come to Backland and breathe the fresh air, gaze at an unspoiled night sky, and watch a child's eyes light up as they roast their marshmallow by the fire.

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