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positive impact initiatives

Here are some of the positive impact initiatives we hope to complete. We are in the very first step of this journey, and many of these things will be developed over time. As we learn and get more experience on the land this list will probably evolve. Every time you stay with us you help us make this happen!

  • Native plant and pollinator gardens - creates additional habitat for birds and pollinators like bees, and butterflies

  • Milkweed gardens for monarchs - Monarch butterflies require milkweed to survive but due to agriculture and development milkweed has been disappearing quickly. (We seeded one acre of milkweed in augusst 2022!)

  • Holistic managed grazing in the meadows - Restores native grasslands, builds soil depth, stores co2 in the earth.

  • Apiary - supports plant pollination with the added benefit that we get to eat honey!

  • Installing new wetlands - we plan on adding more tents in later phases of development. We plan to use an innovative advanced treatment system to purify the wastewater from these tents to a level that allows it to be released into constructed wetlands and create safe habitat for hundreds of species of plants, birds and other wildlife. Wetlands are rare in northern AZ so this would have a major positive impact.  

  • Native tree orchards - provides a greater diversity of habitat. 
  • Rehabilitate existing fencing to make it wildlife friendly and provide access to wildlife drinkers to supply needed drinking water to elk, deer and other native animals. (Complete)
  • Composting - We plan to compost kitchen waste, horse manure and plant debris and use the compost onsite to fertilize pollinator gardens and other plantings. 


sustainability initiatives 

Backland is designed to have minimal impact. Even at full build out the land will consist of 95% open space. 

Here is a list of other things we do to lighten our environmental foot print.

  • Our custom tents are fully insulated and energy efficient.

  • We use low flow efficient water fixtures in our tents and kitchen to conserve water. 

  • We provide ecological toiletries to our guests and only use ecological cleaning supplies.

  • We source a significant portion of food locally

  • To reduce water usage from dishwashing we serve all meals on high quality compostable dishware. 

  • We provide complementary electric car charging in parking spots near reception.

  • Recycling receptacles are provided in public areas

  • In later phases we plan to add solar electric generation to achieve net-zero electrical use.

  • In later phases we plan to utilize rain water catchment to provide water to landscaping.

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