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Our secluded forest location is part of the magic of Backland, but it can also make it challenging to find. Google and Apple Maps give incorrect or inefficient directions and may take you on unsuitable roads. To avoid this and take all the guesswork out of your journey we have created a GPS enabled audio tour that will guide you every step of the way into camp. YOU MUST USE THIS TOUR TO NAVIGATE TO CAMP. DO NOT USE GOOGLE OR APPLE MAPS. Follow the steps below to access and download the audio tour. It will only take 5 minutes or so. DO THIS BEFORE YOU LEAVE FOR YOUR TRIP WHILE YOU STILL HAVE GOOD INTERNET ACCESS.


1. Download the "VoiceMap Audio Tours" app from the app store on your smartphone.

2. Sign up for an account. It is free, no credit cards or trials are required.

3. Once signed in click on "Tour Codes" in the menu bar at the bottom of the screen. Then select "Enter Codes" in the top right of the screen. Enter the code "backland" and then hit the red "Submit" button. A window will pop up that says "Tour available to download. Going to Backland has been successfully added to your account." Hit the red "Download Now" Button. The tour is now downloaded to your tour library and you are ready for your trip.


4. The first step is to navigate from your location to the starting point of the audio tour. To do this open the VoiceMap app, go to your library and click on the "Going to Backland" tour. Hit the red "Start Tour" button. Then click the "Get Directions" Button. Then press the red "Get Directions" button that appears on the next screen.

5. It will then open Google or Apple maps to navigate you to the starting point of the audio tour. (you may need to change it from walking to driving mode). At the end of the route pull over at the forest service information boards you will see on your right soon after leaving the paved road.

6. Once pulled over, you will need to manually switch back over to the VoiceMap app. Click on the red "Start Tour" Button. You should hear audio begin playing as well as see a map on your screen. Just follow the instructions and it will guide you the rest of the way into camp.

We have also created a second tour to lead you back out of camp after you have finished your stay. To access it begin again at step 3 but instead use the word "glamping" as your tour code.




The road to Backland is part of the adventure, but it may not be for everyone. The last 8 miles (around 15-20 mins) of your trip will be on scenic and beautiful unpaved Forest Service roads. These roads are graveled, maintained, clearly marked and are suitable for most standard vehicles. We do not suggest motorcycles, or ultra low clearance sports cars.  Four-wheel drive is generally not necessary, though it is required in icy/snowy conditions. You can expect there to be some wash boarding and pot holes on the roads and depending on the weather, some shallow water. After your trip to Backland your car will likely be dusty (or muddy if it has rained). A trip to the car wash will probably be necessary if you have rented your vehicle. If you are anything like us, you will find the destination is well worth the trip.

We look forward to hosting you at Backland! If there is anything we can do for you, feel free to let us know. For any questions or to add on to your stay please email us or give us a call at 928-288-5441.

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